Harness Information

Unsure of which harness to get? Check out our FAQ's below!


Front-Clip Harness

FoxMoth is the first shop to offer harnesses that correct pulling behavior in a variety of unique, beautiful prints and hardware. Front-clip harnesses are designed for pullers. The front martingale clip gently encourages your pup to walk within your pace, when they pull it turns them to the side so that they can't move forward. It is a very gentle way to correct your pup's behavior while still walking in style. Each front-clip harness is specifically customized to your pup's dimensions. Proper sizing is crucial to correcting behavior, please do not guess your pup's size. Plastic and metal hardware is available.



Chest Harnesses

Chest Harnesses are a classic, well-loved shape. This harness allows for the most amount of print to show and are lined with neoprene fabric to make them breathable and soft. Chest harnesses can be made in any fabric. They clip in the back and are not great for strong-pullers. Plastic and metal hardware available.



4-Strap Harness

The 4-strap harness is gorgeous and adjustable in 4 places, making it perfect for a growing pup or a pup who's in between sizes. It clips in the back and is great for strong pullers. This harness can be made two-toned so that it features two different prints, or it can feature one solid print. Plastic and metal hardware available.